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the “Offering of Fund of Collective Investment Scheme”

In the morning of February 3rd 2023, the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) organized a public consultation on draft Prakas on the “Offering of Fund of Collective Investment Scheme” highly presided over by H.E Sou Socheat, Delegate of Royal Government in charge as Director General of SERC, accompanied by his colleagues, at the Non-bank Financial Service Authority Office. The purpose of this public consultation is to receive comment and inputs to make the draft Prakas to be more comprehensive​​ and effective for implementation. This draft Prakas is to prescribe requirements and procedure related to Offering of Fund of Collective Investment Scheme and its operations after offering in order to maintain accountability and transparency in compliance with relevant laws and regulation. The meeting was attended by 120 participants including representatives from Relevant Ministries and Institutions, Fund Management Company, Trustee,​ Custodian Agent, Fund Administrator, Distribution, Insurance Company, Law Firm and Attorney at Law, Registrar Agent Transfer Agent and Paying Agent,​ Audit Firm, Securities Underwriters, Cambodia Securities Exchange Co., Ltd, International Development Agencies, Commercial Banks and Non-bank Financial Service Authority. The meeting was conducted smoothly and fruitfully.

Soucre៖ Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia