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Statement of Executive Director and General Manager

អ្នកអង្គម្ចាស់ ស៊ីសុវត្ថិ ចក្រការា

Statement from Executive Director

Credit rating is an essential part of well-functioning capital markets.  It brings investors useful information on the credit risk of debt instruments.  This enables a more efficient credit pricing which should result in lower cost of funding for issuers.   

Rating Agency of Cambodia – “RAC” was set up to perform that role in a credible, transparent and independent way.  “Credibility” comes from following best-practice methodologies.  “Transparency” is ensured through the consistent application of robust processes by the seasoned financial experts of our Rating Committee.  “Independence” is gained by maintaining a strict separation between the credit rating decision and the business activities of RAC.

Our team of analysts, compliance and operations specialists work closely with all stakeholders: underwriters,  lawyers, issuers, institutional investors and regulatory authorities.  We aim to foster the confidence that will increase capital flows to the local markets.   The expansion in investments will lead to stronger economic activity and growing employment opportunities which ultimately benefit all Cambodians.

Mrs.Sorita Kalo

Statement from General Manager

At Rating Agency of (Cambodia) Plc – “RAC”, we work together as a professional dynamic team.

Being the first credit rating agency accredited by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), RAC promises to provide credit rating services based on three main principles, “Credibility, Transparency, and Independence”. 

We also believe that RAC is one essential building block to structuring and developing the financial ecosystem in Cambodia’s capital market for a prosperous Cambodia financial economy.