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The API Linkage on Opening Trading Account Online Ceremony

In the morning of July 20th, 2023, the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) and ACLEDA Securities Plc. (ACS) organized an agreement signing ceremony on “the API Linkage on Opening Trading Account Online”, under the high presidency of H.E. SOU SOCHEAT, Delegate of Royal Government in Charge as Director General of the SERC and Dr. PROM VISOTH, President and CEO of ACLEDA Securities Plc. Through this agreement, the development on API linkage between Investors ID Online of SERC and Opening Trading Account Online of ACS will be carried out, under the purpose of facilitation the procedure and one-way process to get Investor ID and Trading Account at once.

Source: និយ័តករមូលបត្រកម្ពុជា